2019 La Plata – Parque Saavedra

In 2019 I was invited by the Italian Culture Institute of Buenos Aires to go there for one month and paint 3 murals and run several presentations about my project “Is this modern society?”.

As part of the run, I went to the city of La Plata, 70 km by Buenos Aires and I paint a mural inside the Saavedra Park in collaboration with two local artists.

The park hosts a kids library which had been created to remember one kid who died because of cancer when she was only 12.  The mother decided to build this library and the town-hall gave her permission.

In 10 years, local inhabitants began helping her and nowadays the park is hosting many events for kids and for adults, everything because of the volunteering work.


Together with Luxor and Pierellas we cover in paint a little house mixing our styles to show the imporance of reading and dreaming for kids!

The project was sponsored by Asociación Jupiterfab, Instituto Italiano de Cultura and supported by Art Residence Corazón.

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