2019 Sheffield – UK

Project in Kelham Island neighbourhood in Sheffield, UK in collaboration with professors of University of Sheffield, Rowland Atkinson, Lee Crookes and the PHD Student Johnatan Christian and the local organization Kinca.

Kelham Island is the former industrial area of Sheffield, rich of metallurgic industries. Nowadays it is one of the trendiest area of the city, rich of lofts and pubs. The population is mainly white rich caucasian, even though it is surrounded by multi-ethnic and poor neighborhoods. One of the main goal for Kinca is to create bonds and a real integration.

My  mural is working on several topics: integration, the importance of women in society and the knowledge to talk and to communicate between each other.

The project was sponsored by University of Sheffield, Kinca and Asociación Jupiterfab

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2019 Sheffield far

2019 Sheffield