2019 – Windiate Playground Community project – Flint (USA)

In the summer 2019 I went to Flint, Michigan, USA because I had been invited to paint a mural on a wall facing the park Windiate Playground, to honour some of the park’s volunteers who had been killed in violent situations, in recent years.

In the last decades, Flint had collapsed due to the General Motors’ crisis. Violence is one of the city’s biggest problems, together with unemployment and drugs.

The community around the park is mainly black, with a low income. The mural represented a lot for them, because they were very attached to these people and their families.
They supported me literally staying with me at my wall most of the day, feeding me, giving me water and supporting me with music and stories.
One family of the volunteers I was painting decided to come with chairs and stay with me throughout the entire process. I think they appreciated the message and the way I linked with them.
A great experience.

The project was funded by Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Flint Public Art .




mural far

mural close