Life in postmodern world has a huge evolving pace, in particular in big metropolises. It goes so fast that we have no time to feel anything but vertigo, mixed with fascination; a feeling that evaporates quickly to leave space to another capricious reality. The mass consumerism is unequivocally the seed that germinates this reality. In this kind of context, the image darkens the meaning and the information depletes as soon as it is consumed.

Aldous Huxley (English philosopher and writer), in 1932, was showing us already how future would looked like in his fantasy book “Brave new world”: he portrayed the world as a system in which individuals were no able to recognize their subdued condition, absorbed by their job and by their daily routines, and kept destructed by a sort of manufactured entertainment.

On the other side, the French philosopher, Jean Baudrillard in his essay “Simulacra and Simulations” (1981), claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is a simulation of reality.

When the hyper-reality overpasses reality, when the fiction designed by the power is becoming our reality, virtues, principles and truth play down, vanishing together with the meaning.

Jupiterfab, inspired by these concepts, reflects about our modern society, in particular about technology use and technology excess. He builds a direct dialogue with the audience, during his exhibitions. He inspires and invites them to reflect about the importance of finding a balance between virtual and real life.

The show is site-specific and it is made up of multimedia installations, paintings, video and sound installations.

The multimedia installations recreate normal urban scenes, such as four friends at a bar or people at a bus stop. Jupiterfab combines real objects that reconstruct the scene with paintings and video-screens that substitute real people and portray them inside the artwork. Playing with two and three-dimensions, the artist stresses the fiction behind the scene, which unfortunately has already become real.


Paintings, drawings, murals, sound and video installations show the alienation and the sense of loneliness in modern urban society, completing and enriching the exhibition concept.


Jupiterfab artworks are not hyper-realistic, neither abstract. They show reality in a crude way, accentuating and stressing what it is behind the mask: emotions, feelings but also discomfort, loneliness and shallowness.

Each of his artworks works alone and together with the rest of the exhibition’s elements. The artist message is in each of his pieces as much as in the complexity of the whole work.

This proposal is following two main trends: street art and contemporary art. The first trend is made up of underground symbols on the walls, the artist background and the social topic as inspiring element. The second trend finds its key in the importance of the concept that connects and interacts with different art medias, abstracting them from their traditional use.

This exhibition is part of a general project called “IS THIS MODERN SOCIETY?”. The project has different tools: art exhibitions (as just described), murals in public spaces, debates, presentations and workshops. Jupiterfab collaborate with professors, students and regular people from several cities and several countries around the world. Last but not least, the project is supported and sponsored by public and private institutions.

Hereby, you can find some of the tools used during a show.

TITLE: “The Forest”.



TITLE: Fuck the modern society



  • Modern urban art for social change - Jupiterfab
    2015-alone-130-x-75-cm - Painting on canvas