I am a multimedia artist focused on murals.. I am based between Guadalajara (Mexico) and Barcelona (Spain).

My works are always social orientated. In particular, I have been leading and cooperating (in) several projects together with marginalized communities around the world. I paint on walls and on canvas, I create art installations, sound installations and sound and video documentaries.


In my artworks, I cover several topics: migration, integration, religion, gentrification, inequality and poverty topics, connecting with adults and kids.

The core of all my art is the relationship between human beings and the urban space.


I uses art tools to strengthen the sense of community and to empower the community on the outside and my main goal is to create reflection and awareness in every level of society.


I have a very unique way to work, a mix of realism, expressionism  and illustration. I naturally stress emotions and feelings of my characters rather than working on an empty hyper-realism… My way to work is  the consequence of the deep observation of society and my self-taught studies.

I collaborate with art centers, professors, private and public institutions.

Hereby, you can find a short list of professors and institutions I have collaborated with: Simon Coleman (antropologis of U of T), Valentina Napolitano (antropologis of U of T), Rotterdam Court of Justice, Jackman Humanities Institute (Toronto- Canada), U of T (University of Toronto), Can Felipa Space for Contemporary Art (Barcelona -Spain) Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico), local governments (Barcelona, Rotterdam, Guadalajara, Mexico City…) , Barcelona Subway Company (Spain), Ange ONG (Togo), Innocad Architecture Company(Austria), Accor Hotels (France), Daniel Spectrum Arts & Cultural Centre (Canada),  SAP Vienna (Austria).


I have a degree in Linguistics (Italiana, Spanish and English) and experience managing institutional and independent projects. In 2014, I created a NGO based, which is based in Barcelona (Spain).

If you want to know more about me, you can have a look at my Resume