This section has been created for all those people, NGOs, companies or institutions that find my work true and helpful and have decided to help and support me to cover the expenses of his projects and help me.

I invite who wants to support my work to contact me directly at

There are different ways to support my work:

  • Professional collaboration (communication, production, IT work, translations, writing, general professional work, etc.)
  • Collaboration proposal  to worko on community projects in your area or to create mura
  • Economical support to help covering costs of my projects/murals.

In 2014 I gave birth to a No-Profit-Organization named with my artistic name, in order to succeed in my work  Moreover, this legal action is one more step in the achievement to create a structured and close-knit team made of generic and qualified people with my same principles and goals in life. Its legal identity number is G66296039 and it is registered in Barcelona (Spain).

If you want to send money directly to our NGO Jupiterfab you can do it easily using the button hereby. We use Paypal as platform for our donations as it is the safest and more secure way to do a payment online. However, if you prefer to send money by bank transfer or to donate some of your skills or tools instead, please contact us at, we will be happy to talk with you.