Metro Barcelona 90th Anniversary


For the 90th anniversary of the Barcelona Subway, the Association of Art Galleries of Catalunya (GGAC) invited me to create an installation in one of the most lived metro stop of the city, Plaza Universidad.

In my art installation ( sound, video and mural)  I focused my work on the human side, the metro’s users. I worked on the concept of movement; the physical movement in a corridor of a metro stop and the movement in terms of time and years.

The installation is made of three different art works all linked together: a video, a sound installation and a mural.

My mural represented the concept a same group of people, on the two edges of a 8 meters wood panel. On one edge, I painted the group in color and young; each character was dressed up as one of the innumerable urban tribes who live the metro nowadays. On the other side I represented them old and  in black and white.


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To create my sound installation, I spent one entire day in the metro stop asking people where they were going. Each of them had to answer to the question in his/her mother tongue and repeat the question in the mother tongue too.

The final work is a collage of all the material collected.

In the creation of this piece, I worked in collaboration with Andrea Dedomenico.




The video is a sort of making-off of all the creation process and it was done by Demente and Co.