In 2009, I decided to use my knowledge and my art to help marginalized communities around the world and in the last 10 years, I have been working with several communities around the world trying to strengthen their sense of identity and trying to give voice and visibility to their needs and/or issues outside their borders, using art tools.

Hereby, you will find some projects I created and I lead. Nevertheless, I took part in many other projects, using my art as a tool to help other organizations, institutions and communities. You can have a look at all my social artworks clicking here

Under the title “Communities’ human identity,” I have worked on a number of projects designed to emphasize the importance of both diversity and the individual in an increasingly globalized world. The aim is to highlight how each community has something which sets it apart from the rest, in terms of its territory, culture, habits, rituals and, last but not least, people.

These works underscore the uniqueness of a physical area, an institution or a population in a way that improves the relationship of the community internally and externally: internally, by strengthening its own sense of community, and externally by giving voice to the needs and issue of the community and/or attracting potential new investors, citizens, or visitors.

To accomplish this, I live with the local population for a period of time (typically from one to four months), familiarizing myself with the people, immersing ,myself in their traditions and collaborating with local artists, associations and foundations.

The community projects are structured around one or more murals a sound installation and a sound or video documentary. Moreover they can be enriched with more art works depending on the project and the people involved.

In 2014, in order to get my work more effective, I created a No Profit Organization with the goal to create a working team made up of different professionals who can cover every single detail of each project.

In my projects I work with many marginalized communities and I try to create a contribution to social cohesion and to the authenticity of all of these areas.

Over the past few years, I has had the opportunity to work on several community projects internationally, hereby the links to each of them:

Immigrazione e Integrazione, Brescia (Italy) 2017-2020
projects ragazzi

Las Caras del Parque Morelos, Guadalajara, (Mexico) 2015-2017

Nowpoblenou, Barcelona (Spain) 2013-2015
quadro per web

600 Faces, Lomè (Togo) 2013 - homeless children
progetto togo

Crafting Selves, Toronto (Canada) 2012-2014

(Re-)placing the city: Migrant Materialities Toronto, Canada 2011-2012
(Re-)placing flyer draft 2011-2012 tagliata

Rotterdam Court of Justice (The Netherlands) 2011-2012

Community Human Identity, Charlois, Rotterdam (2009-2011)


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