2019 Favela Villa 31 Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In 2019 I was invited by the Italian Culture Institute of Buenos Aires to go there for one month and paint 3 murals and run several presentations about my project “Is this modern society?”.?
As part of the run, I paint a mural in the Buenos Aires favela, Villa 31 in collaboration with local people and the Foundation Proyecta Cultura.

Together with locals, I decided to create a mural to show the importance of having the eyes well open and to be careful using and not abusing technology for kids and adults. In fact, talking with some parents they described as many people in the villa are absorbed by video-games and they forget about problems and don’t fight for their rights.
They suggested to paint kids in the mural. The absurd is kids are still playing in the street as in old times, while adults are playing with video games!

The project was sponsored by Asociación Jupiterfab, Instituto Italiano de Cultura and supported by Fundación Proyecta Cultura.

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