2017 – We are the roots! – Tlajomulco (Mexico)

In 2017, I worked in collaboration with Instituto de Cultura of Tlajomulco (Mexico) to create a mural project titled “We are the roots”.

The project consisted of 6 murals painted on bridges of a very traffic highway.

My idea was to capture something deep of the local community living in the surrounding of the road, playing with the architectonic space I had to paint and the short time drivers have to see the artwork.

I ended up painting gazes of people living in Tlajomulco.

The project was sponsored by Instituto de Cultura of Tlajomulco and Comex color.




2017 – “We are the root” – Project on the highway in collaboration with Indajo Institute and Luiso Zuloark- Tlajomulco, Mexico

2017 Highway Tlajomulco Mexico